Key by Jopen Pyxis Toy Review

After years and years of “self-abuse,” I didn’t think my right hand could get any better. Then came along the manual perfomance-enhancer known as the Pyxis. This product has changed my life. It’s like discovering masturbation again for the first time. I can’t stop… I’m only stopping now to sing its praises and spread the word! It’s sleek, it’s small, it’s POWERFUL. Its five settings are all fun to try. It’s got something for everyone. If you like it direct and constant, BOOM – it’s got that. If you like it more subtle and teasing, BAM – it’s got that too. I’ve already used it several times since it arrived, and it’s left me quivering every time. It’s very easy to clean and it even comes with its own little travel pouch for diddling on the go. If you prefer clitoral stimulation over vaginal penetration, this is one toy you MUST have. I must go now, for time is of the essence. BUZZZZZZZZZZ

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