Position Tuesday- Lusty Lean

Your sweetie stands facing you as you squat on a bed or chair with your back to him. Lean on his chest as he steadies you by placing his hands under your rear. He then enters you from behind.


Leaning back on his chest with his biceps bracing your weight, you’ll feel totally taken care of — and he’ll feel more studly than a first-string stallion. Plus, this position gives him deep access combined with more of a grinding motion than the usual from-behind fast thrusting.

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Position Tuesdays- The Hot Seat

Have your partner kneel behind you, but tell him to lean slightly backward. With  your back to him, you kneel in front of him, your legs between his. Your bodies  should be squeezed together tightly. Wrap his arms around your waist and put  your hands wherever you want (his forearms, hips, etc). Once he’s inside you,  move up and down or swivel your hips in a circular motion in tandem, stopping to  take breaks when you get too worked up or tired.

Since he’s tilting back, he has G-spot access. And this position allows for  intense pressure since you’re meshing your butt super snugly with his groin.
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Position Tuesdays- V for Vixen

Sit on a counter and have your man stand facing you. His legs should be slightly  bent, spaced 3 feet apart. With your arms on his shoulders and his arms around  your lower back, slowly pull your right leg up and prop your right foot on his  left shoulder. Then pull your left leg up and prop your left foot on his right  shoulder.

Most men are so inflexible, they think a knee bend is an Olympic feat, so he’ll  worship you as a sex goddess.
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