Ask the Sexpert

Q.  I have no sex drive. Is there something I can do?

A. Since you didn’t offer a possible reason, I will address a few common reasons for decrease in sex drive.  There are several things that could be the cause of our sex drive’s disappearance. Stress is a huge culprit. There is also sexual dissatisfaction. Last, I’ll address self-esteem.

Stress can zap your body of moisture needed to make sex pleasurable. It also causes people to observe a decrease in desire for sex. If you are overworked or just overwhelmed, it can be impossible to relax and enjoy sex. But, don’t give in to that. You MUST make time even in the busiest times. If you don’t, your decreased sex drive could result in emotional disconnect, which will strain a relationship.

If you are not experiencing pleasure during sex, it would stand to reason that your desire to have sex would be low. Why bother? My mate doesn’t do it right. This is a cause for communication. Find out why your sizzle has fizzled. Barring any cheating, find out why everyday has turned into once a month or your sex schedule.  Show your partner how to stimulate you.

Are you unhappy with weight gain or self-conscious about your naked body?  Your mate has seen your body before, so don’t worry about how you look.  You are supposed to be enjoying sex during sex, not worrying about jiggles and wiggles.  If you still feel uncomfortable, get back in the gym.  Exercise boosts your libido.


Note:  This was answered assuming the person who posed the question was a female.

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