Position Tuesdays- The Erotic End

Erotic Instructions:

Sit your lover on the floor with his legs stretched out comfortably in front of him. Have him lean back slightly, using his arms to support his weight. With your back to him and your legs straddling his thighs, lower yourself onto him. Keep your knees bent and your feet planted on the floor. With your groins grinding together, squeeze your PC muscles while he makes small circular rotations with his pelvis.

Why You’ll Love It:

With you on top, sometimes hitting your G-spot can be a little tricky. But turn your back on him (in a good way!) and the whole landscape changes. This position keeps you in control but affords him a much more direct shot at your can’t-take-it-anymore zone. Meanwhile, he can kiss your neck, caress your inner thighs, and stroke other easy-to-access erogenous areas.

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Position Tuesdays- The Linguini

Erotic Instructions:

Lie on your side, putting a pillow under your head for extra support. Your man kneels directly behind your butt, leaning ever-so-slightly over your body. He should push one of his knees between your legs, positioning his body so he can penetrate you. He places one hand on your back to help support himself as he goes for the plunge. The key to your pleasure is keeping your limbs as limp as a noodle.


Why You’ll Love It:

This side-by-side canoodle creates incredible friction for him because your thighs are so close together. Plus, having your thigh curved at that angle gives him deeper access. The combo of these two will make even the tiniest guy feel like a god! And while he teases your G-spot, he can nuzzle your breasts or reach around and play with your clitoris — covering all the pleasure bases.

courtesy of cosmopolitan.com

Ask the Sexpert

Q.  I have heard that anal sex can be good, but I am scared to try.

A.  The good part about the anus is that there are millions of pleasure-providing nerve endings, but the bad part is there is no natural lubrication.  Anal sex can also be painful upon entry.  My two best pieces of advice are to use a ton of lube and try a good anal desensitizer.  Moist Anal Lube and Anal Ease

When you try anal for the first time, make sure to relax, lube up, and pick a position that will offer shallow penetration.  When stimulated properly, your lover can hit your g-spot during anal.  You will find this orgasm to be extremely powerful.  Refer to Tickle My Tush for tips and pointers!

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