Rhonda’s Dress Shop

Rhonda’s Dress Shop


“Hello Rhonda, sorry I’m late but-
“I’m sorry but Rhonda isn’t here, she had a family emergency. Perhaps I can be of assistance?”
“Okay. I guess that would be fine, but who are you?” Veronica said temporarily taken back by how handsome this man was that standing in front of her. His chest and abs alone would bring any woman to her knees. And his kissable caramel skin and goatee looked truly delicious.
“I’m Lamar, Rhonda’s cousin.”
“Oh okay, well I’m here to pick up my cocktail dress.”
“Okay, I can definitely help you with that. What’s your name?”
“Veronica Marks.”
“Alright, I’ll be right back.” Lamar said as he disappeared behind a sheer purple curtain. Lamar returned a few moments later with a troubled look now gracing his sexy features.
“I’m sorry but I don’t see anything here for you, you’re going to have to wait until Mon-
“Oh no, I have a dinner date tomorrow night, where I will be wearing that dress. So you may as well look again cause I’m not leaving without that dress.” Veronica tried not to show just how annoyed she had become so quickly.
“My apologies Ms. Marks but there is nothing else I can do at this time.” Lamar sighed.
“I am not leaving this store without my dress.” Veronica enunciated each word.
“With all do respect ma’am but you will leave the premises, even if I have to remove you myself.” Lamar frowned.”Okay, look, I’m sure if you could just call Rhonda, everything will be explained to you and I can get my dress and be on my marry way.”
“I’m sorry but I can’t do that, so as  I’ve said, you will have to wait until Monday to get your dress. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused.”No damn it, go back there and look again.” Veronica pointed and yelled.”
I’ve looked everywhere the dress could possibly-
“I’m not going anywhere without my damn dress.” Veronica said as she took off running toward the bathroom. She could almost reach out and touch the door handle when Lamar grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him in one quick motion. His cologne immediately attacked her sense of smell.
“Sweet father in heaven why does he have to smell so good and be so damn sexy? Veronica quietly mumbled.”
“Since you want to do things the hard way and seem to have forgotten your way out, I’ll help you.” Lamar said as he picked up Veronica, tossed her over his shoulder and carried her to the door.
“Put me down. Do you hear me you big ass overgrown giant, put me down.” Veronica screamed.
“Sure thing, now get out before call the police.” Lamar said as he gently sat Veronica down on her feet and turned her toward the door.
“No.” Veronica said as he tried to use the butt of her small frame to push Lamar backwards out of her way. All of her attempts at trying to move Lamar were in vein, cause he hadn’t moved an inch. Or at least where it counted, but he had moved several inch below his belt and Veronica hadn’t seemed to notice until a soft grunt slipped from his very sexy lips. Veronica now stood stark steal as he nipples hardened against the glass door. Her danty panties instantly becoming wet and slick with each passing second.
“Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing Lamar?”
“Well I was trying to put a gorgeous lunatic  out of my cousin’s store when she began to seduce me.”
“Bullshit, you lying fucking giant.”
“I’m lying but you keep grinding that beautiful ass of yours all over my dick.”
“Whatever, just open the fucking door, I’ll be back with the police.” She was still pissed but her throbbing wetness overpowered every other thought she had at the moment.
“Oh no, we wouldn’t want that Ms. Marks. My cousin’s policy is no unhappy customers so why don’t we head to the back and get your measurements for a new dress. What do you say?”  Lamar said as he reach around her, pulled the door closed locked it, then he ripped Veronica’s button down shirt, picked her up and carried her to the back of the store.
“Sounds like one hell of a plan to me, handsome.” Veronica smiled.
Lamar kissed the smile right off Veronica’s toffee colored face and didn’t stop until he reached the pattern table. With one swish of his arm, patterns, measuring tape, fabric, and chalk flew everywhere. Laying her down, Lamar peeled off Veronica’s skinny jeans, slid her to the edge of the table and pulled out a condom from his back pocket. As soon as the protection was secured, Lamar held her thong to the side and slowly began to slip inside of her soaked pussy walls.
“Uh wait, Lamar, I don’t think you’re going go fit.” Veronica moaned as the big bulbous tip of his dick pushed inside.
“I will, you just have to relax.” Lamar said as he continued the  slow ease between Veronica’s wet lips to the hilt then slowly pulled back out. Leaning over Veronica, Lamar sucked and kissed the tops of her  breast, then he ripped Veronica’s bra and sucked an erect  nipple into his eager mouth. Veronica’s soft moans filled the room as Lamar lavashed and sucked Veronica into a toe curling orgasm.
“Ohhhhhhhh Lamar, damn.” While she was cumming, Lamar quickly moved his head down between her legs and lapped up all of her come, sucking her swollen clit and the inside of her coated lips into a humping frinzy before tongue fucking her into a second orgasm.
“Oh shit Lamar, I’m cuming againnnnnn.” Veronica yelled as a second orgasm, even more powerful as the first hit her, hard.  She wriggled about on the table and grabbed fistfuls of Lamar’s curly hair and wrapped her legs in a vice like grip around his neck. Before her orgasm could subside and her heartbeat returned to some semblance of normal, Lamar slid all thick eleven inches inside of Veronica’s drenched pussy.
“Lamarrrrrr.” Veronica screamed.
“Damn woman you are so beautiful and so tight, and so fucking wet.” Lamar grunted on an up stroke.
How about dinner once were done?”
“Uh huh.” She moaned.
“What was that?” Lamar asked as he continued to slide his dick in and out of some of the best pussy he’s ever had.
“Yes, what?” Lamar asked as he grabbed Veronica’s waist and began to pound into her dripping wet heat. She met him pound for glorious pound.
“Yes, I’ll have dinner with you Lamar, now stop talking and fuck me, harder.” Lamar held Veronica’s legs up in the air and pummeled her long and hard, his thrusts were perfect as he hit Veronica’s spot over and over again.
“Yeah baby yeah, I’m cumming again.” Veronica’s moans and screams and drenched pussy had Lamar toes curling, eyes blinking and entire body lock up as he came.
“Oh fuccccckkkkkk woman. Shit.” Lamar said as he fell over the table while still inside of Veronica.”
“Yeah, it was good for me too. Best I ever had.” Veronica smiled as she ran her hands through her hair.
“Well I better get going, can you let me up please? I have to go find another fucking dress since you misplaced my original.
“Veronica I was serious about dinner.” Lamar said ignoring her dress dilemma.
“You were?” Veronica asked suprised.
“Yes, I was.”
“Oh okay, um well then let’s go now.” Veronica said.
“Well not just yet, we’re not done.”
“Do you feel that?”
“Then we’re not done yet.”  Lamar grinned devilishly.
Veronica spread her legs wide, then said,
“I could definaletly go another round or two.”
“How about another three?” Lamar winked.
“If you can take it, then I can certainly dish it out.”
“Oh I’m dealing with a smart ass I see.”
“You sure are and as soon as you put that big dick back inside of me, I’ll show you what else you’re dealing with.” Veronica whispered as Lamar hovered over her.
He quickly slid inside of her wet heat as they happliy began round two.


Copyrighted (c) 2012-2013 by India Innocent Ndya Norfleet




Anticipation by Noyek



I was so excited about him coming home I had even mentally acted out him coming through the door and me meeting him!

It’d go a little something like:

Him walking through the door and me barely letting him in the house. Not only had I been standing guard near the door, but I’d also defeated the purpose of his key. Snatching open the door as soon as I heard his key enter the lock and pulling him in to the house. Freeing his hands of anything and everything except myself, my thick thighs and heavy hips were more than a handful; he’d definitely need both. Wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing him as if I had a statement to be made. Kissing him as if my life depended on it, I’m talking about kissing him so good it’ll take a couple of minutes for him to catch his breath after I let him loose. I’m sure he’d want to talk, ask about my day and know how much I’ve missed him, but actions speak so much louder than words.

Snapping out of my fantasy, I found I was actually smiling to myself. Something I do each time he crosses my mind. Heading to the shower, I needed to get myself together. It wouldn’t be much longer before he was due and the last thing I wanted was for him to catch me looking a wreck after he’d been gone for so long.

Adjusting the water temp, I stepped into the shower, engulfed by the warm steam, arousing my body and the small splashes of water trickling over me. My mind wandered over to those many nights we’d shared a steamy shower: He’d always get in with a mischievous grin spread across his face, biting his lip, his bad boy signature.

His favorite thing to do was to turn me around directly facing the water flow and gently hold me there, allowing the water to have its way with me. Tantalizing my senses with the steady fall on my body. Twisting my mind and tugging at my tolerance of this unusual pleasure. Running his strong hands along my thighs, making his way up, deep sea diving, searching and discovering his pot of gold. Digging deep for gold among his newfound treasure, only stopping to take in the expressions of my satisfaction. Breaking away, turning me around to face him to tease me with my natural juices that kept him coming back for more, quenching his thirst.

He’d slowly disappear beneath the clouds of steam; I couldn’t see him but I could sure feel him, his tongue the most, like an electric eel, sending shocks through my body that caused me to become drenched, absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was standing in the shower.

I swear this man knew my anatomy, both physically and sexually, knew my needs, my wants, and my desires.

“Baby,” startled by his booming voice, bringing me, once again, back to reality, “I’m home.”

Opening the shower door, peeking around to see the man who moves my body just by his presence. Wasn’t exactly how I’d planned to greet him, but I was all hot and bothered and there was no purpose in letting a good hot shower go to waste.

Borrowing his mischievous grin, “I’ve been thinking about you all morning,” pulling him in, clothes and all. “Let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”




Erotica- Our First Vibe

Our First Vibrator


When I asked Liz what she wanted for her birthday, I expected her to say perfume or jewelry. But she had something else in mind.

“A vibrator? Are you serious?” I said. She giggled nervously, but I knew that she meant it.

Liz was easily embarrassed and almost virginal in style. But her lascivious streak never failed to surprise me. She could charm dinner guests while playing with my cock under the table. I looked forward to shopping.

A few days later I visited a store called the Pleasure Chest, a 7-Evelen of sex toys and paraphernalia. Men in three-piece suits with blond, manicured girlfriends perused cock rings and crotch-less panties. A gay couple in black leather and studded chokers examined a giant two-headed dildo with “lifelike veins.”

The vibrators on display ranged in size and color from monstrous flesh-colored models to butt plugs that resembled night-lights. Some were expensive semi-orthopedic devices with sponge-covered balls affixed. Others were strap-on affairs that promised stunning orgasms for the woman daring enough to wear one. Options included variable speeds and intensities, hand crank, AC-DC adaptors, kits with lubricants and spiky rubber sleeves.

I eventually decided on two sleek, white missile-shaped models like the ones that turn up occasionally in drugstores. Each package portrayed a woman smiling beatifically as she held the little bullet to her cheek. “Eases muscle tension, “ the copy proclaimed. The big one, about ten inches long, was an inch-and-a-half in diameter near the rigid bottom and tapered to a point. The other was no longer than four inches and nearly the same thickness.

When I handed the boxes to a clerk in black leather and crew cut, he looked up in mock horror. “Two?” he intoned. “Aren’t we being a little piggy?” I mumbled something out of embarrassment, but he paid no attention. With the nonchalance of someone who had tested vibrators a thousand times, he threw batteries into each one, twisted them with a flick of the wrist, then flipped them back into the box. Like a waiter reciting the specials of the day, he then advised: “Remove the batteries after each use. Keep hem clean. Don’t use them in the tub. Have a nice day.”

Liz tore the wrapping paper away like a kid. “You really did it?” she cried. Then she started giggling “Two! Oh, my God. “

I slipped the big one out of the box and turned it on. Liz gasped. “Jesus, it’s loud, isn’t it?”

“Don’t worry, “ I said. “The neighbors will just think it’s an electric toothbrush.”

With the thing still buzzing in my hand I put my arms around her and lifted her skirt from behind. I slid it down her ass and between her legs. The sound was muffled as it disappeared beneath thighs and poked it through to the front.  Liz’s mouth dropped open with pleasure. I kissed her deeply while lifting her gently to her toes with the vibrator pressing against her cunt. She was moaning now as her weight brought the buzzing bullet into direct contract with her clitoris.

I put it between us and we held it with our crotches while embracing. Liz began to grind against me. I pulled down her pantyhose and took off my shirt and tie. We kissed deeply.  My hand played with her cunt. It was open and wet as her outer lips gave way to my fingers.

I moved down to kiss her breasts and suddenly jumped. The vibrator was between my legs. Liz was rubbing it over my ass and against my balls. I felt a boiling sensation against my peritoneum, a buzzing throughout my testicles and inside me. “That feels weird,” I shuddered, “but wonderful.”

Liz smiled lewdly as she roamed with it all over my thighs and crotch. “A cock of my own, “she giggled. “How do you like that?”

I was fully erect. I knew I would come in seconds if I entered her. So I took the vibrator and used it to caress her breasts and stomach. She closed her eyes slowly parted her legs, pushing a pillow beneath her. “I’m the birthday girl,” she whispered. “And I want my present now.”

I felt like spurting my come all over her stomach. But I wanted to climax with her. So instead I knelt beside her on my haunches. I stroked her face with one hand and nuzzled buzzing vibrator into her opening. Its quivering tip just barely nudged her cunt open. Liz moaned and whimpered and finally pleaded, “Oh, please, don’t tease me.”

Our lovemaking always had an element of taunting. When she was excited, I made her admit that she was hungry little whore.  That admission caused her last inhibition to snap and she would grow even wilder, bucking her hips and in a low guttural voice begging to be fucked.

So I teased her with the dildo, pushing it in slightly and withdrawing it. “We have a hungry little cunt tonight,” I murmured.

“Please don’t do this,” she sighed. “Stick it in me. Please.”

Bringing her knees up she swallowed three fourths of the vibrator. I pulled It out and slowly slid it back and forth again and again. It made wet smacking noises as it parted her pussy. She moaned softly, lost in the pleasure coming from between her legs. Then I began pumping her with a steady rhythm. I watched her buck to meet every thrust. The buzzing went from loud to soft as the shiny white cylinder slithered deeply in and out of her.

My voyeurism became rampant now. Wanting to see her pleasure herself, I placed her hand over my own on the vibrator. She grabbed it without hesitation and then she began plunging it into herself even faster than before.

While Liz was fucking herself furiously with the ten-inch dildo, I leaned over to retrieve the little one from the bedside table. My cock brushed her face. With her eyes still closed, Liz parted her lips and stuck out her tongue to find me. In a moment I was inside her warm mouth and her cheeks were contracting feverishly while she kept the big dildo tight in her fist.

She sucked me with groans of pleasure, arching her head and neck form the pillow. I snapped the little vibrator on and moved it down her stomach, toward her clit. When I penetrated her with it her jaw went slack and hr body stiffened. My cock fell still shiny with saliva from her mouth.

“Oh, honey, keep it there. Please don’t stop,” she begged. I held the little vibrator lightly against her exposed clitoris and knelt back to watch.

It was a view I had never been privy to before. Liz’s body was stiffening as if taking an electric charge. Her hands fell limply to her sides, but the big vibrator still jutted from her thick pubic thatch, held only by her muscles. From the look on her face, I knew we were in the countdown stage.

Suddenly her torso arched upward and a low, breathy “Ohhh” came from her lips. She shook and quivered and gasped for nearly a full minute. I was voyeur and participant, feeling something close to wonder to see her in that state. She was so out of control, so abandoned to the pleasure coursing through her cunt, that I felt a small pang of jealousy, When her breathing returned to normal, I fought back my own greed and whispered in her ear, “Happy birthday.”

I knew Liz would soon get horny again, but I was anxious. I reached over for a bottle of baby oil on the bed stand and dripped some onto my cock till it glistened. With on hand I lubricated myself until the oil made a popping sound. With the other I parted her cunt.

Kneeling between her legs, I pumped my erection, waiting for her eyes to open. I knew she loved to watch me do this. It reminded her of porno movies we had seen. When she finally looked at me a smile spread across her face and she raised her legs in the air. I slid into her with ease. She squeezed her cunt muscles in welcome.

“You feel so warm and big,” she said. “Just let me lie here and get fucked by that big thick cock.” She bit my lips, sucked my tongue and begged me to fuck her. “I’m so open, I’m so wet,” she groaned as I slid in and out of her.

After about ten thrusts I was ready to come. I wanted to hold back, but Liz was milking me with her cunt. I slowed down, and began to lick her breasts when I heard one of the vibrators snap on. Liz was pressing the small one-still wet with her juices-against my ass. The buzzing tip suddenly slipped all the way in. I started thrusting furiously, feeling nothing but that churning inside me and my come coursing up through my cock.

“Shoot it,” she cried. “Shoot it into me, make me take it.” I pushed my cock deep inside her. Liz was moaning-for me, for my pleasure-while holding the vibrator against my ass. With my last spasm I fell on top of her and we shared a deep, wet, tired kiss.

The two vibrators became a part of our sex lives. We named them Jo and Joe and even took them with us on weekends to the country. It was on one of those weekends that I raised the subject of her Christmas gift. She mused for a moment, then looked up at me with an innocent smile and said, “Batteries.”

courtesy of Penthouse