My, My, My… How Far We’ve Cum

My,my,how far we’ve “cum”…

So, after years of struggle, the women’s liberation movement has reached unprecedented heights. The right to stand in line for a free vibrator and do so proudly…lol. As many of you may know, the Trojan company has been offering up free vibrators to the masses this week in NYC. After a false start, due to Mayor McShorty attempting to keep the “buzz” off the street, Friday brought free pleasure for all those brave enough to stand in line. Now, to my surprise, the crowd was as diverse as NYC itself. I had imagined that the line would consist of some daring college girls, some that subscribe to “alternative” lifestyles, and some curious tourists. Well, maybe we can attribute it to the “50 Shades” phenomenon, but some of the people picking up a new “friend” were awe inspiring. You had women in business suits, granny’s with walkers-no joke, “spirited” young men, and Mom’s pushing offspring in carriages. Well, I say bravo ladies!! Gone are the days of having hubby creep into a “video store” to buy your electric boy toys. Although, that gives us one less chance of visiting a peep show. Gone are the days of purchasing a rabbit from Amazon and hoping it is shipped in a discreet brown box. While the UPS guy winks at you knowingly upon delivery. Stand free ladies, stand tall, don’t hide under the covers in the dark of night. Let your freak flags fly brazenly in the wind!! First the right to vote, then the right to marry within, next stop……buzzing in the White House bedroom!!

By Chris Stoll

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