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Dear Ask a Man,

I’ve met a lot of creeps and not enough keeps in my short 28 years. Recently, I met a potential keep and we expedited our “situationship” by hooking up. Surprisingly, he was still interested in developing a relationship and we continued to communicate every day for the next week. I decided to share with Mr. Potential Keep that things have moved so fast and I was thoroughly enjoying myself, however I was still hesitant because things seem too easy and my past has taught me to raise an eyebrow at easy and fast. He was thoroughly offended and bluntly stated that if he was still calling after our hook-up; then I shouldn’t question anything and he went on to complain that I defamed his character. Was I wrong for my thought process? And was I wrong for sharing my reservations with someone I felt so comfortable with? What do you two think?

Dear Ms. Quickie,

Well, for starters your Mr. Potential is nothing more than a jumpoff upgrade. You “expedited” the actual process of getting to know this guy. You in all probability refer to him as your “friend” which in reality is the best way to tell others that you have a “cut” buddy with whom you are trying to establish a friendship and a relationship, which means that you have attempted to negotiate the terms of your relationship with your vagina. You can’t meet a man and in the space of two to eight weeks, let alone three months know him well enough to consider him a “friend” or even refer to him as such. It takes no less than a year for the representative to play him/herself out and the real person to reveal him/herself.

The fact that you were surprised that he still wanted to deal with you after the session tells me that you were unsure of the outcome from the beginning, which takes me back to you not even knowing buddy well enough to be sexing him in the first place. You had sex with a stranger that was incredibly personable and because the sex was good to you see no reason to not have an emotional relationship which is in effect based on how good he made you feel.  How you move when it comes to establishing relationships with men is backwards. No house built on a foundation made of sand with twigs for walls & a straw roof will ever be able to withstand the test of time or the bad weather!

The fact that you shared how you were feeling is/ was not the problem here, the problem is/was the fact that YOU know this “situationship” was moving too fast because YOU were moving too fast. Your eyebrows raised because YOU realized that YOU were/ are easy to fuck & quick to suck. So by telling him this you attempted to gauge his reaction / thought process on the possibility of how frequently you make your holes available to men without feeling like a whore / freak with a loose vagina. That’s that reverse psychology women hit men with to avoid shame and humiliation. Both of your eyebrows should now have a permanent arch because you are “easy & fast” & I don’t know which one is greater.

No man will value or respect you anymore than you value and respect yourself! Using your vagina to negotiate and set the tone of your relationship with men is futile.

What you are enjoying is the feeling of NEWNESS that the sex brings with each new person. Eight or nine months from now you’ll probably realize or wish that you NEVER sexed him in the first place.

Easy Cum Easy Go!


Ask a Man

Dear Ask a Man,
I recently had an amazingly kinky & freaky sexual encounter with a man that I really didn’t know that well but was very sexually attracted to. I did things that I’ve never done before. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror for a good 24 hours. I’m not sure how to feel about him not calling me for a few days after our sex session. I feel like I deserve at least a phone call! Am I wrong or missing something here?
Please help!

Dear Amazingly Kinky Freak,
You’re not doing any man ANY favors by having sex with him. You are not just sexing him because he wants to sex you. You’re doing it because YOU want to do it! You found someone that made you comfortable enough to do whatever nasty things you ENJOYED doing and or having done to you. Stop acting and or feeling like a man OWES you something AFTER the fact. Licking a man’s ass, letting him sex you in the ass, or swallowing his semen does not obligate him to call you back! You can’t negotiate the terms of the “relationship” with your vagina! You can’t even use them to renegotiate the terms of the deal! So, from now on don’t ever try to do it again.
You don’t know why he didn’t call, and I assume you didn’t call him either. He could actually have a woman in his life that is a bigger priority than you; he could be tied up with work or school. You have no way to know so it’s pointless to fill in the blanks about what he may or may not be thinking or how he may or may not be acting. I think you should have done a better job of taking into consideration what your mental and emotional state would be after such an experience with someone that you knew you didn’t know that well.
With all of that being said, I would love an opportunity to evaluate you interpretation of what “amazingly kinky & freaky” sex is.
Best of luck

Key by Jopen Pyxis Toy Review

After years and years of “self-abuse,” I didn’t think my right hand could get any better. Then came along the manual perfomance-enhancer known as the Pyxis. This product has changed my life. It’s like discovering masturbation again for the first time. I can’t stop… I’m only stopping now to sing its praises and spread the word! It’s sleek, it’s small, it’s POWERFUL. Its five settings are all fun to try. It’s got something for everyone. If you like it direct and constant, BOOM – it’s got that. If you like it more subtle and teasing, BAM – it’s got that too. I’ve already used it several times since it arrived, and it’s left me quivering every time. It’s very easy to clean and it even comes with its own little travel pouch for diddling on the go. If you prefer clitoral stimulation over vaginal penetration, this is one toy you MUST have. I must go now, for time is of the essence. BUZZZZZZZZZZ

Product can be purcased at:

Sex Toy Review- Pipedream Extreme

I first want to offer up this advice on the “Pipe Dream Extreme” if you try to carry it on a plane as I did, it will be flagged and pulled out of your bag to be scanned, as it is a gel toy, or flagged as some kind of liquid.  Trust me it was extremely embarrassing.  I decided to bring it with me on a business trip as I was going to be away from my wife for a few days…  Good idea initially, but on the way home I made the right decision to check my bag!  When I agreed to review the toy, I figured my wife has them, why don’t I give one a try???

My second piece of advice is to use lubrication with it.  The “Pipe Dream Extreme” comes with it, but of course as most men, I decided to take a short cut without the lube, but that is based on the fact I’m a man, and have very little patients when it comes to sex!  It wasn’t as if the toy was awful without the lube, it was still better than using my hand, but it was a bit difficult to get around my penis.  However, I was still able to work it in.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised on how good it felt to use, it definitely enhanced the experience of masturbating.  It felt pretty close to being inside a woman.  Since I was gone for a few days on business I decided to use the lube the next time.  I just used a little bit, to help slide myself into the toy a bit easier.  After your inside it feels 100 times better than just using your hand.  The best part is the toy catch’s your cum, so you don’t have to worry about it getting everywhere!

For me I feel whenever I am masturbating I always have to have a towel around, and grab it just when I am about to climax.  Which can be annoying, and sometimes kill the climax.  Additionally, the “Pipe Dream Extreme” was super easy to clean, just put some soap on the inside and wash it out a few times.  For men masturbating is super easy, and quick, the toy definitely takes a bit longer when using the lube and clean up, but it enhances the orgasm that much more that it is worth the extra effort.  Plus you don’t have to cuddle it afterward or take it out to dinner before hand!  So men if your looking for a toy I highly recommend the “Pipe Dream Extreme” just be careful if you try to take it through an airport as I did…

Thanks to Toy Closet NYC for asking me to review the “Pipe Dream Extreme” for them.

Review courtesy of conversextion

Rhonda’s Dress Shop

Rhonda’s Dress Shop


“Hello Rhonda, sorry I’m late but-
“I’m sorry but Rhonda isn’t here, she had a family emergency. Perhaps I can be of assistance?”
“Okay. I guess that would be fine, but who are you?” Veronica said temporarily taken back by how handsome this man was that standing in front of her. His chest and abs alone would bring any woman to her knees. And his kissable caramel skin and goatee looked truly delicious.
“I’m Lamar, Rhonda’s cousin.”
“Oh okay, well I’m here to pick up my cocktail dress.”
“Okay, I can definitely help you with that. What’s your name?”
“Veronica Marks.”
“Alright, I’ll be right back.” Lamar said as he disappeared behind a sheer purple curtain. Lamar returned a few moments later with a troubled look now gracing his sexy features.
“I’m sorry but I don’t see anything here for you, you’re going to have to wait until Mon-
“Oh no, I have a dinner date tomorrow night, where I will be wearing that dress. So you may as well look again cause I’m not leaving without that dress.” Veronica tried not to show just how annoyed she had become so quickly.
“My apologies Ms. Marks but there is nothing else I can do at this time.” Lamar sighed.
“I am not leaving this store without my dress.” Veronica enunciated each word.
“With all do respect ma’am but you will leave the premises, even if I have to remove you myself.” Lamar frowned.”Okay, look, I’m sure if you could just call Rhonda, everything will be explained to you and I can get my dress and be on my marry way.”
“I’m sorry but I can’t do that, so as  I’ve said, you will have to wait until Monday to get your dress. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused.”No damn it, go back there and look again.” Veronica pointed and yelled.”
I’ve looked everywhere the dress could possibly-
“I’m not going anywhere without my damn dress.” Veronica said as she took off running toward the bathroom. She could almost reach out and touch the door handle when Lamar grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him in one quick motion. His cologne immediately attacked her sense of smell.
“Sweet father in heaven why does he have to smell so good and be so damn sexy? Veronica quietly mumbled.”
“Since you want to do things the hard way and seem to have forgotten your way out, I’ll help you.” Lamar said as he picked up Veronica, tossed her over his shoulder and carried her to the door.
“Put me down. Do you hear me you big ass overgrown giant, put me down.” Veronica screamed.
“Sure thing, now get out before call the police.” Lamar said as he gently sat Veronica down on her feet and turned her toward the door.
“No.” Veronica said as he tried to use the butt of her small frame to push Lamar backwards out of her way. All of her attempts at trying to move Lamar were in vein, cause he hadn’t moved an inch. Or at least where it counted, but he had moved several inch below his belt and Veronica hadn’t seemed to notice until a soft grunt slipped from his very sexy lips. Veronica now stood stark steal as he nipples hardened against the glass door. Her danty panties instantly becoming wet and slick with each passing second.
“Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing Lamar?”
“Well I was trying to put a gorgeous lunatic  out of my cousin’s store when she began to seduce me.”
“Bullshit, you lying fucking giant.”
“I’m lying but you keep grinding that beautiful ass of yours all over my dick.”
“Whatever, just open the fucking door, I’ll be back with the police.” She was still pissed but her throbbing wetness overpowered every other thought she had at the moment.
“Oh no, we wouldn’t want that Ms. Marks. My cousin’s policy is no unhappy customers so why don’t we head to the back and get your measurements for a new dress. What do you say?”  Lamar said as he reach around her, pulled the door closed locked it, then he ripped Veronica’s button down shirt, picked her up and carried her to the back of the store.
“Sounds like one hell of a plan to me, handsome.” Veronica smiled.
Lamar kissed the smile right off Veronica’s toffee colored face and didn’t stop until he reached the pattern table. With one swish of his arm, patterns, measuring tape, fabric, and chalk flew everywhere. Laying her down, Lamar peeled off Veronica’s skinny jeans, slid her to the edge of the table and pulled out a condom from his back pocket. As soon as the protection was secured, Lamar held her thong to the side and slowly began to slip inside of her soaked pussy walls.
“Uh wait, Lamar, I don’t think you’re going go fit.” Veronica moaned as the big bulbous tip of his dick pushed inside.
“I will, you just have to relax.” Lamar said as he continued the  slow ease between Veronica’s wet lips to the hilt then slowly pulled back out. Leaning over Veronica, Lamar sucked and kissed the tops of her  breast, then he ripped Veronica’s bra and sucked an erect  nipple into his eager mouth. Veronica’s soft moans filled the room as Lamar lavashed and sucked Veronica into a toe curling orgasm.
“Ohhhhhhhh Lamar, damn.” While she was cumming, Lamar quickly moved his head down between her legs and lapped up all of her come, sucking her swollen clit and the inside of her coated lips into a humping frinzy before tongue fucking her into a second orgasm.
“Oh shit Lamar, I’m cuming againnnnnn.” Veronica yelled as a second orgasm, even more powerful as the first hit her, hard.  She wriggled about on the table and grabbed fistfuls of Lamar’s curly hair and wrapped her legs in a vice like grip around his neck. Before her orgasm could subside and her heartbeat returned to some semblance of normal, Lamar slid all thick eleven inches inside of Veronica’s drenched pussy.
“Lamarrrrrr.” Veronica screamed.
“Damn woman you are so beautiful and so tight, and so fucking wet.” Lamar grunted on an up stroke.
How about dinner once were done?”
“Uh huh.” She moaned.
“What was that?” Lamar asked as he continued to slide his dick in and out of some of the best pussy he’s ever had.
“Yes, what?” Lamar asked as he grabbed Veronica’s waist and began to pound into her dripping wet heat. She met him pound for glorious pound.
“Yes, I’ll have dinner with you Lamar, now stop talking and fuck me, harder.” Lamar held Veronica’s legs up in the air and pummeled her long and hard, his thrusts were perfect as he hit Veronica’s spot over and over again.
“Yeah baby yeah, I’m cumming again.” Veronica’s moans and screams and drenched pussy had Lamar toes curling, eyes blinking and entire body lock up as he came.
“Oh fuccccckkkkkk woman. Shit.” Lamar said as he fell over the table while still inside of Veronica.”
“Yeah, it was good for me too. Best I ever had.” Veronica smiled as she ran her hands through her hair.
“Well I better get going, can you let me up please? I have to go find another fucking dress since you misplaced my original.
“Veronica I was serious about dinner.” Lamar said ignoring her dress dilemma.
“You were?” Veronica asked suprised.
“Yes, I was.”
“Oh okay, um well then let’s go now.” Veronica said.
“Well not just yet, we’re not done.”
“Do you feel that?”
“Then we’re not done yet.”  Lamar grinned devilishly.
Veronica spread her legs wide, then said,
“I could definaletly go another round or two.”
“How about another three?” Lamar winked.
“If you can take it, then I can certainly dish it out.”
“Oh I’m dealing with a smart ass I see.”
“You sure are and as soon as you put that big dick back inside of me, I’ll show you what else you’re dealing with.” Veronica whispered as Lamar hovered over her.
He quickly slid inside of her wet heat as they happliy began round two.


Copyrighted (c) 2012-2013 by India Innocent Ndya Norfleet


Sex Toy Review- Mia

When I was first asked to do a sex toy review for ConverSextion I was extremely excited, I mean Christmas had already come and gone, and I was getting yet another toy!!!  So this past weekend I received the toy called “Mia” which at first glance can seem rather intimidating if you are on the shy side, which I am not…  A little back story first, I have a we-vibe and a little bullet, so this is by far the biggest toy I own. 

The bullet is great for clit stimulation and a little insertion play.  Although, it does get a bit boring at times.  The “We” is a lot of fun with a partner, it gets me off, don’t get me wrong, I’ll use it from time to time, but its meant to use with your partner, not alone…  Yet the “Mia” can replace a man!  My boyfriend realized that rather quickly when he first saw it.  It didn’t bother him so much about the size/length of the shaft, but the fact the shaft can do circles on the inside of me, and at different speeds.  Along with the shaft being able to rotate inside of me, it also has a rather nice sized part that goes on top of my clit as well, and can vibrate at different speeds.  The shaft rotation and the vibrating clit part can be controlled at different intensity levels which is nice.  I know all women have different size vagina’s so if you don’t have a deep vagina I could see this toy being a problem, getting the part to go over your clit.

Just like any new partner, it takes a bit getting used too.  There are only 3 buttons, but you have to press them to change the pace as you continue to use it, which if you are using it by yourself can be a bit distracting while trying to fully enjoy the toy, and if your lover/partner is using it, hopefully he knows when to change the intensity!  Overall, I’d say it is my favorite toy for just me, because it offers penetration and clit stimulation at the same time.  So you get that feeling of actually having sex not just oral or penetration.  It was fun to use with my partner, but I enjoyed it more by myself, shh don’t tell him that!   Although, I really do enjoy using the “we” with my partner, the “Mia” is just for me, and to me it is worth the cost if you are looking for something to help your own personal sex life/satisfaction.  I get pretty wet as it is, but I did use it with some lube and that seemed to help as well, so if you do go out and get one, get some lube as well.  Oh yeah here is the link and thanks again to Toy Closet NYC for letting me review the “Mia!”   Mia

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Ask the Sexpert

Q.  I need some advice.  I had a radiation treatment last month and haven’t been feeling well, but I still have to satisfy my other half. I lost my sex drive completely. I don’t care for it. I don’t want to talk about it and I sure don’t want to do it, but I have too.  Any suggestions?  Can I take something to bring it back?

(I’m assuming you have been physically cleared by your doctor to resume sex)

A.  Sex is equal parts physical and mental.  It sounds like your physical disinterest has affected your mental desire.  I’m assuming you don’t want to let your mate wait it out while your desire comes back- which is probably a good idea.  It’s also selfless on your part, so your mate is going to have to offer you a bit of selflessness on his end also.

1.  Zero desire= Zero natural lubrication  If your body does not want to have sex, you will find it hard to self-lubricate.  Use a good water-based lubricant.  You will actually find yourself getting aroused once you get into the swing of things.  Think of the lube as a head start.  The great thing about water-based lube is that it feels natural, unlike some silicone and silicone hybrid lubricants.

2.  Let him enjoy the party.  Give him special attention.  If you simply aren’t up to the task of having vaginal sex, let him enjoy sex in any other way you can think of without letting him actually penetrate you.  Break out the lube for this too.  While performing oral sex on him, put lube all over him so things get extra slippery.  Try a hand held masturbator on him, either while performing oral sex or as the main event.  The main idea is to make it all about HIM.  This should take some of the focus off of your lack of desire.  You might find yourself aroused as you stimulate him.

3.  Try arousal enhancers.  Give your libido a kick start with arousal creams/gels like, Wet wOw, Tasty Twist, or System Jo Clitoral Gel .  Think of these as “cheat creams” to boost your libido.  Try one or all and take things slow.  Have your partner make sure to pay special attention to your needs.  Have him stimulate you to orgasm prior to penetrative sex, so any reservations you have mentally will be replaced with pleasure.

Don’t expect anything to be a quick fix, but attack your libido from a few different angles and hopefully your mental reservations will slowly dissipate as you physically prepare to resume sexual activity.  Most of all, communicate with your partner!

I hope this helps.

Anticipation by Noyek



I was so excited about him coming home I had even mentally acted out him coming through the door and me meeting him!

It’d go a little something like:

Him walking through the door and me barely letting him in the house. Not only had I been standing guard near the door, but I’d also defeated the purpose of his key. Snatching open the door as soon as I heard his key enter the lock and pulling him in to the house. Freeing his hands of anything and everything except myself, my thick thighs and heavy hips were more than a handful; he’d definitely need both. Wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing him as if I had a statement to be made. Kissing him as if my life depended on it, I’m talking about kissing him so good it’ll take a couple of minutes for him to catch his breath after I let him loose. I’m sure he’d want to talk, ask about my day and know how much I’ve missed him, but actions speak so much louder than words.

Snapping out of my fantasy, I found I was actually smiling to myself. Something I do each time he crosses my mind. Heading to the shower, I needed to get myself together. It wouldn’t be much longer before he was due and the last thing I wanted was for him to catch me looking a wreck after he’d been gone for so long.

Adjusting the water temp, I stepped into the shower, engulfed by the warm steam, arousing my body and the small splashes of water trickling over me. My mind wandered over to those many nights we’d shared a steamy shower: He’d always get in with a mischievous grin spread across his face, biting his lip, his bad boy signature.

His favorite thing to do was to turn me around directly facing the water flow and gently hold me there, allowing the water to have its way with me. Tantalizing my senses with the steady fall on my body. Twisting my mind and tugging at my tolerance of this unusual pleasure. Running his strong hands along my thighs, making his way up, deep sea diving, searching and discovering his pot of gold. Digging deep for gold among his newfound treasure, only stopping to take in the expressions of my satisfaction. Breaking away, turning me around to face him to tease me with my natural juices that kept him coming back for more, quenching his thirst.

He’d slowly disappear beneath the clouds of steam; I couldn’t see him but I could sure feel him, his tongue the most, like an electric eel, sending shocks through my body that caused me to become drenched, absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was standing in the shower.

I swear this man knew my anatomy, both physically and sexually, knew my needs, my wants, and my desires.

“Baby,” startled by his booming voice, bringing me, once again, back to reality, “I’m home.”

Opening the shower door, peeking around to see the man who moves my body just by his presence. Wasn’t exactly how I’d planned to greet him, but I was all hot and bothered and there was no purpose in letting a good hot shower go to waste.

Borrowing his mischievous grin, “I’ve been thinking about you all morning,” pulling him in, clothes and all. “Let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”