Sex Toy Review- Mia

When I was first asked to do a sex toy review for ConverSextion I was extremely excited, I mean Christmas had already come and gone, and I was getting yet another toy!!!  So this past weekend I received the toy called “Mia” which at first glance can seem rather intimidating if you are on the shy side, which I am not…  A little back story first, I have a we-vibe and a little bullet, so this is by far the biggest toy I own. 

The bullet is great for clit stimulation and a little insertion play.  Although, it does get a bit boring at times.  The “We” is a lot of fun with a partner, it gets me off, don’t get me wrong, I’ll use it from time to time, but its meant to use with your partner, not alone…  Yet the “Mia” can replace a man!  My boyfriend realized that rather quickly when he first saw it.  It didn’t bother him so much about the size/length of the shaft, but the fact the shaft can do circles on the inside of me, and at different speeds.  Along with the shaft being able to rotate inside of me, it also has a rather nice sized part that goes on top of my clit as well, and can vibrate at different speeds.  The shaft rotation and the vibrating clit part can be controlled at different intensity levels which is nice.  I know all women have different size vagina’s so if you don’t have a deep vagina I could see this toy being a problem, getting the part to go over your clit.

Just like any new partner, it takes a bit getting used too.  There are only 3 buttons, but you have to press them to change the pace as you continue to use it, which if you are using it by yourself can be a bit distracting while trying to fully enjoy the toy, and if your lover/partner is using it, hopefully he knows when to change the intensity!  Overall, I’d say it is my favorite toy for just me, because it offers penetration and clit stimulation at the same time.  So you get that feeling of actually having sex not just oral or penetration.  It was fun to use with my partner, but I enjoyed it more by myself, shh don’t tell him that!   Although, I really do enjoy using the “we” with my partner, the “Mia” is just for me, and to me it is worth the cost if you are looking for something to help your own personal sex life/satisfaction.  I get pretty wet as it is, but I did use it with some lube and that seemed to help as well, so if you do go out and get one, get some lube as well.  Oh yeah here is the link and thanks again to Toy Closet NYC for letting me review the “Mia!”   Mia

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