Sex Olympics

Tonight is the kickoff of the Summer Olympics. It’s an exciting time for the athletes who worked hard to condition themselves to be the very best.  One should also strive to be the best in the bedroom.

Has your love life become dull and mundane? Do you lack stamina or endurance? Are you just sitting back allowing your partner to put in all of the work?  If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need to train like an Olympian so you can perform like a Champion.

1.  Train hard so you can achieve ecstasy.

An estimated 30% of women have trouble achieving orgasm and 80% have trouble achieving orgasm from intercourse alone.  An Olympian is focused and determined. To that end, find out what it takes to get you there and practice.  Once the body is accustomed to achieving pleasure, it becomes easier to get there each time.

2.  The modern pentathlon is a <a title=”Sport” href=””>sports</a> contest that includes five events: <a title=”Pistol shooting” href=””>pistol shooting</a>, <a title=”Fencing (sport)” href=””>fencing</a>, 200 m <a title=”Freestyle swimming” href=””>freestyle swimming</a>, <a title=”Show jumping” href=””>show jumping</a>, and a 3 km <a title=”Cross country running” href=””>cross-country run</a>.

So, obviously you aren’t going to challenge your partner to a “freestyle swimming” event in the bedroom; but to compete in a pentathlon you must be a master of five events.  Carry this concept over to the bedroom.  Spice things up with different positions, bedroom toys &amp; props, erotic movies etc.  The point is; make it interesting!  You might even want to schedule a mini event where the objective is to deliver the most pleasure possible, in five different ways; pentathlon style.  After all, the gold, silver and bronze all lead to the Big “O”.

3.  Eat and drink the Breakfast of Champions.

An Olympian is in great physical condition. They don’t neglect or abuse their bodies. They eat well and limit junk food. Watch your diet and include foods known to enhance your bodies’ natural chemistry. Pineapple juice has been said to enhance your personal flavor.  Your lover will definitely thank you.

4. An Olympian is willing to work hard to win.

That means watching the competition’s footage and seeking advice. Now, let’s not get over literal here.  You aren’t actually competing with anyone, well, if you are, that’s another blog; but, for our purposes, watch porn, visit a strip club, or read an erotic how to book.  Just think, you can play a round or two of outdo the pornstar or take some queues from strippers and plan a sexy strip tease.

5.  Run the long distance race.

Sure sprints are fun and they require speed and strength, but long distance runs require endurance.  The average woman requires 20 minutes of foreplay prior to achieving orgasm.  Instead of racing to the finish line, take the slow and steady to the end approach.  If your partner is getting too excited, slow down and adjust so you can reach your peak.

So as we sit back and enjoy the summer games, remember that you don’t have to be an athlete to be an OLYMPIAN in the bedroom, but you can definitely use some of their mantras and techniques to enhance your sexual experiences. <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Signing Off A Single in ATLANTA &amp; Single in New York collaboration

Position Tuesdays- Time Bomb

Have him sit down in a low chair with his legs relaxed. Facing him, straddle him  with your feet on the floor, slowly lowering yourself onto his erection with  your knees bent at a ninety-degree angle. Start by letting just the tip of his  penis enter you, then lower yourself inch by inch until you’re allowing him full  entry by bearing all the way down on his thighs.

This is a highly affectionate pose with maximum upper-body contact, which  naturally lends itself to languid kissing, hugging, and caressing. Best of all,  since you’re in the driver’s seat you can stay in sync with him, so as a final  reward you may be able to experience that explosive, but often elusive, moment:  the simultaneous orgasm! This racy rendezvous is a surefire way for combustible  carnal results.
Read more: Time Bomb Sex Position – Cosmopolitan

Erotica- I Miss Your Touch

I miss your touch

I got home from work late. Rushed to make sure your dinner was on the table. I’m fresh; the stress and the grime of the day washed off my body. Just waiting patiently to kiss you, while fantasizing about all the ways we’d prove our love, while passing the time.

You arrive home. We eat, laugh, joke, and talk. We share a love and a bond so strong. When we make love our bodies become one. We can’t tell where your heartbeat ends and mine begin.

It would start with a kiss, slow and passionate. Next, you’d undress me slowly, basking in my body as if it was the first time. Your fingers move down my abdomen to my sweet spot. I’m already ready for you to penetrate me. Instead, you lay me on my back. Tasting my sweet nectar slow at first then faster. You lays know where to touch and how to do it. I’m begging to taste you, but you pin my legs down while you feast on my kitty.

After my body quivers, convulses, and shakes; you bless me with your rod. Ready to please and aiming to satisfy. Deep, slow strokes turn into fast and hard deliberate penetration. It hurts so good. Our bodies meld into each other as our sweat becomes one. We kiss and touch and I scream your name, as you drill me over and over. Always sensing when I’m close, you slow down and aim for that special spot that sends me into ecstasy. We cum together. Spent and satisfied.

I look to my side and it was all a dream. I felt you just like it was real. Yet, you’re gone. And I still miss your touch.


Ask the Sexpert

Q.  My boyfriend and I have been talking about having sex and he is MUCH bigger than any other guy I have been with. I don’t know what positions I should use to WOW him because I can do anything I just need some help. Advice?

A.  I’m assuming you want something spicy to start things off right. I would suggest:

You’re in complete control here, and the reason it feels so good is that you’re  literally sitting on his member, giving him no choice but to bury himself deep  inside you. And when he’s upside down, the blood will rush to his head, allowing  him to experience what’s called erotic inversion, and sending tingles to his  upper body that will turn his climax into an otherworldly experience.


This position will allow you to manually stimulate yourself while he thrusts.  Tilt your pelvis and contract your PC muscles and experience mind-blowing g-spot stimulation. 

And since you said he’s big, try:

You’ll control the depth of penetration in this position.  If his size takes some getting used to, meet him with shallow thrusts.  Rock and writhe your way to bliss. 

Either way, don’t put so much effort on “wowing” him for the first time and lose out on enjoying the first time.  Take things slow and add some foreplay so you’ll be all prepared to take all of him in, literally.  Try out some lube, to keep things slippery.  Or add some unisex arousal balm to kick things up another notch.  Most of all enjoy!  Don’t feel pressure to pull out all the stops in the beginning because you don’t want things to get stale.

Hope this helps!  Happy Sex!

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