Position Tuesdays- Now and Zen

Erotic Instructions:
This pose provides a quiet moment in the middle of the  mattress madness. When on the brink of the Big O, take a break from whatever  heart-pounding position you’re in and try this out as a horny holding pattern.  Roll onto your sides, face-to-face (if possible, keep him inside you the entire  time), then put the passion on a low simmer with your legs intertwined and your  chests pressed against one another. Slowly build yourself back up to an even  more incredible climax. Trust us, you’ll both be screaming  ohmmm…my…God!

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Why You’ll Love It:

There’s not a whole lot of motion, which is why Now and Zen  delays your orgasm. But it’s perfect for erotic embraces and intimate contact.  You’ll feel closer to your man because you two are facing body-to-body. It’s  this kind of incredible emotional ecstasy that makes you laugh, cry, and come  all at the same time.

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Erotica Thursdays- A Hot Summer Day

A Hot Summer Day

The thermostat had touched 96 degrees for the second day in the row and I swore I’d die if the weather continued this way. It was a sweltering, sticky, sweat as soon as you get out of the shower type of hot. The last thing on my mind was sex, but my man always had a different agenda.

I’d just gotten out of a cold shower for the 2nd time today when my love came home and made his way up the stairs to our bedroom. He walked through the door and immediately started to strip.  I won’t deny, the mere sight of his perfect body had already gotten me going. I watched him walk towards the shower naked and my mouth watered at the sight of his semi erect penis. I stood directly in front of the air conditioner and attempted to patiently wait for the loving that I didn’t even want a few minutes ago.  Getting familiar with myself, I slowly massaged my nipples, increasing the speed as my body reacted to the pleasure. That encouraged me to move down my stomach to explore my fresh wetness. Just as I began to really enjoy myself my husband walked in on me. I was caught with my hand in my own cookie jar. I let his hand replace mine, and his name rolled off the tip of my tongue effortlessly. I got down on my knees and began to work my magic. I wet his glistening shaft with my tongue and took all of him in my mouth. He forcefully pushed my head into him while gripping my hair and vigorously directing my movements. Adjusting my pace and techniques, I stroked his length and massaged his balls till he came down my throat.

Next thing I knew, he had picked me up and pinned me against the wall and began to work me over. I endured, deep, hard, vicious strokes while he settled into a rhythm. I began screaming his name at the top of my lungs as he went deeper and deeper thrusting towards my sweet spot over and over again. Holding on for the ride, I began to bounce on top of his dick while meeting him thrust for thrust. Our bodies were dripping with sweat, yet we continued to fuck until we both collapsed on the floor.

Curled up on our bedroom rug, we laid basking in the after glow. My husband got up and left the room while I enjoyed our scent in silence. When he returned I was lying still with my eyes closed in a peaceful state of nirvana. I was quickly awoken to the piercing sting of ice gliding over my skin and Chill, our vibrating ice cube, getting reacquainted with my clitoris. The cooling sensation had my body in overdrive. By this point, I was completely paralyzed with pleasure because my love darted his tongue in and out of my hot pussy while Chill worked on my clit. He tasted every drop as my juices mixed with the melted ice and drizzled down his chin. As I came, he held me down forcing me to endure more of his tongue-lashing.

Completely satisfied, I fell into his arm and began to nod off again. After a few minutes he asked, “Are you ready for round three?” Not even opening my eyes I replied, “Are you crazy its 96 degrees today!”

Position Tuesdays- Rub a Dub

Your man sits against the back of a tub with his legs as ?straight and wide as  possible. Squat over him, facing his feet, and lower yourself ?onto his? penis,  keeping your legs outside of his. Holding on? to? the edge of the tub for  balance, turn on the water and use your ?free hand to aim a? detachable  showerhead between your legs. The ?running water ?will cascade over your  clitoris, adding to the ecstasy.
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Talk about doubling your pleasure. You get simultaneous internal and clitoral  stimulation, and your man’s hands are free to fondle the rest of you.
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Poetry Mondays- I miss you more

I miss you more today than yesterday

More than last week

More than last year

I miss the way you looked at me

Your kiss

Your smile

Your caress

I miss knowing you’ll be home by nine

On the other side of the bed until dawn

I miss kissing you goodbye in the morning

Kissing you goodnight in the evening

I miss the way you knew exactly where to do you know what

I miss being happy

Most of all,

I miss you!

Thursday Erotica- The Masseur

The Masseur

I loved to be doted on and Eric loved to please so we were a match made in heaven.  His body was perfect. I could stare at him for hours. He had eyes that lead you to his soul. His strong jawline and dimples had me captivated. I was a sucker for a man with dimples. His broad shoulders led to a chiseled chest down to the valleys of his pelvis. He had long athletic legs. Last but not least, his dick was a perfect nine inches, long and thick. My mouth would water at the site of his gorgeous member.

It was date night, but he suggested we stay home.  He stripped my small frame of all of my clothes. My perfect breasts stood at attention. His strong hands found their way down my taut abdomen and around to my plump ass. We got into the candlelit shower. We had one of those spa showers with multiple shower heads and a bench. I was in heaven. He lathered me slowly, taking care to leave no part of my body untouched. The parts that he couldn’t reach were being prodded by the shower heads.  It was like being in the shower with several people. I grabbed a vibrating sponge and began to wash his front as he rubbed my shoulders and chest. I could feel the electricity throughout my body and mostly in my center. My body could explode any minute.

The smell of the lavender body wash was so relaxing, yet it had my senses yearning for more. He lathered and gently washed my hair, while taking care in massaging my scalp and temples. My eyes were closed, while I imagined his long fingers stroking my kitty to climax. I got lost in my fantasies while he continued to wash my hair.

He led me out of the shower and into our bedroom. We dried each other off. Then our eyes met. He cupped my face and I stood on my toes as we kissed passionately. His huge stature always seemed to envelop my entire petite body. Our tongues danced. Our souls united with just one kiss. We continued to kiss passionately, alternating between deep kisses and light bites at each other’s mouths. The rest of me yearned to feel his lips.

He picked me up and laid me down on the bed. He placed me on my stomach so that he could massage my back. My entire back was one huge erogenous zone and he’d found all the right places.  He poured warmed massage oil from a massage candle onto my shoulders and down my spine. His brawny hands followed the stream of oil. He began at the small of my back. Strokes initiated at my spine separated out to my sides. Alternating between firm pressure and light finger touches. His fingers danced up my spine towards my shoulders. He firmly massaged the tension from my neck and shoulder blades. The oil glided under his masculine hands over the valleys through the peaks on my back. Circular strokes, light thumping, and firm caresses all over until I was putty in his hands.

He moved down to my calves and stroked my muscular legs in short concentrated strokes. Up to my thick thighs, where he used alternating pressure on opposite legs. He rubbed me into a frenzy. My moist center yearned to be massaged. I knew the best was yet to come. He rubbed my ample ass. I could feel his touches all over. Places he’d been and spots he’d yet to conquer all felt like they were being massaged into ecstasy at the same time.

His tongue touched my ear as he whispered all of the things he planned to do to me. He tongued my ear, in an out and onto my earlobe, then down my neck to my back. His tongue painted a trail straight down my back, stopping only to change speeds- from a flicker of the tongue, to flat laps, and sweet kisses all the way down my trail. He stopped briefly when he gently parted my ass cheeks. I elevated my pelvis off the bed so he could have better access. He teased my ass with just the tip of his tongue. I was so close to cumming and he hadn’t even touched my pussy yet. I was dripping wet and starving for his thick dick. I knew it would be a while before my walls were massaged from the inside. I decided to be patient and enjoy the sensations.

Up and down, in and out of my back door. I was near convulsing when he suddenly stopped. He slid his body up mine and lay on top of me. I could feel his huge hard dick throbbing on my ass. He whispered, “Are you ready for me”? I just whimpered because I couldn’t even talk at this point.

I did as I was told and flipped over onto my back. He stared down at my body like it was the first time he had seen me naked. I felt so sexy, so desired. We shared a kiss. I grabbed his back and pulled him down onto me. I could feel all of his weight down on my body. I felt him overpower me with his size and masculinity.

He propped himself up and began to oil the front of my chest, starting with my perky breasts and rock hard nipples. He made his way down to my stomach and played with my belly button. He still hadn’t touched my flower. She was starting to feel neglected. As if he could read my mind, he slowly parted my lips and began to massage my clit. Circular motions caused my bud to harden and swell. He added one finger and began to massage my walls like he’d lost something. My breaths quickened as I neared my climax. He continued to stroke and stroke, in and out until I erupted. I grabbed the sheets as I squirted all over the bed.

I had to have him. And I had to have him now.  In one motion, he mounted me and entered my honey pot. My walls welcomed him home. His strokes were slow and passionate at first, but soon quickened as he began to get rough. He knew my body so well. He knew how and when I needed it rough. He was violently penetrating me and it hurt so good. I scratched and dug my nails into his back.

He turned me on my side and held onto my leg as he entered me from behind. I played with my clit, while enjoying every minute of the assault my pussy was getting. His balls slapped against my ass. His lips found their way to the nape of my neck and it was over. My quiver quickly turned into a full body explosion. I came so hard I thought I would pass out. He slowed his strokes while I recovered.

He sat up and against the headboard and I put my back to his chest. I mounted him and rode him like a stallion. He reached around to play with my breasts as I worked my magic on his dick. I tightened my muscles on him like a vice grip, attempting to milk his dick. I wanted to give him the same pleasure he’d given me. I gyrated and twirled my pussy in his lap until his moans got louder. He grabbed me tight from behind and matched my rhythm.

He moved me to side and kneeled in front of me. He fed me all nine inches. I bobbed my head onto his pelvis. I adjusted my suction, while taking him in and out of my mouth. I used my free hand to play with his love button.   You know that special place between his dick and balls. I had him just where I wanted him. He screamed my name right before he pulled out of my mouth. With a few hand strokes he came all over my face and chest and I loved it.

Spent, we both cleaned up and lay in each other’s arms. Immensely satisfied, we drifted off to sleep as he spooned me from behind.


Cocktail Hour with Rae- Heal


I want you to heal:




Wrinkle your forehead

Take off your glasses

Close your eyes

Hold on tight to the good times

Lock the bad ones away in tiny box and throw it in the ocean

Remember why you fell in love

Appreciate the moments you shared

Thank Him for allowing you to see His truest form of love, your children

Cry again

Don’t wipe the tears

Taste them


Take a deep breath

Laugh out loud till you cry again

Hold your pillow close to your chest

Squeeze it tighter

Release it

Smooth out the wrinkles

Know that in time the lines will disappear like the lines on your heart

Hold your face in your hands

Give thanks…. just because

Take a deep breath

Inhale the love

Exhale the pain


You’ve just started the healing process, repeat daily until you realize; it doesn’t hurt to breathe anymore

Position Tuesdays- The Erotic End

Erotic Instructions:

Sit your lover on the floor with his legs stretched out comfortably in front of him. Have him lean back slightly, using his arms to support his weight. With your back to him and your legs straddling his thighs, lower yourself onto him. Keep your knees bent and your feet planted on the floor. With your groins grinding together, squeeze your PC muscles while he makes small circular rotations with his pelvis.

Why You’ll Love It:

With you on top, sometimes hitting your G-spot can be a little tricky. But turn your back on him (in a good way!) and the whole landscape changes. This position keeps you in control but affords him a much more direct shot at your can’t-take-it-anymore zone. Meanwhile, he can kiss your neck, caress your inner thighs, and stroke other easy-to-access erogenous areas.

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Poetry Mondays- No Three Words

My soft hands on his rock hard body
Eyes locked
Candles burning
Soft music playing
Control lost to the feeling between my legs
Raspy voice whispering my name as he releases
His weight on me after I’ve released two three times
Falling asleep joined with him
Linked like a lock
Fit perfect like a glove
Waking up to him biting my jaw
Licking my lips to capture his kiss
I never could get enough of him
His smell
His smile
Everything he did was for my pleasure
But I turned him away as soon as he said those three words
I still have our memories

courtesy of http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poems/55802-no-three-words/

by Sherlock_Gigi (Gg78)

Thursday Erotica- The Chef


Let me cook for you baby…

I had been dating Joey for a few months. Things were starting to get a little stale in the bedroom. I think he could sense I was getting a little bit bored. He was studying to be a chef at the culinary institute, so of course he’d cooked for me before. It’s actually one of the things I grew to love about him. But, he’d never gone all out like he did this particular night.

I came home from work and my apartment had been decorated with candles and Rose petals. I found my man busy in the kitchen cooking. The smell was decadent. I kissed him passionately. He had me at the gesture. I was ready to forgo his carefully planned feast and make love to him right there in the kitchen. He told me to go upstairs, get more comfortable, and to give him about fifteen minutes to finish cooking.

I undressed and showered. As I lathered, I fantasized about what was to come later that evening. I really appreciated what he’d planned and couldn’t wait to thank him in my own special way. I knew we’d be busy pleasing each other for hours and I couldn’t wait. It wasn’t the sex that had me bored, after all. I had just grown tired of the same routine in the bedroom. Even great sex could be boring if you do it the same way each night.

After my shower, I dressed in a sexy chemise. I’d lathered my skin to softness with a coconut oil enhanced with cinnamon. I dabbed pheromones behind my ears and in my cleavage. Not that he had a choice, but he wouldn’t be able to resist my sexy combination of cinnamon for an aphrodisiac and pheromones for attraction.

His eyes lit up when I got downstairs. He told me how beautiful I looked and how he couldn’t wait to have me for dessert. I don’t know how he still managed to smell so good after he’d been slaving over the stove. Something about his cologne always turned me on. It was intoxicating.

He pulled out my chair and I took a seat. He told me that we’d be trying something a little different tonight and that I should trust him. Then he blindfolded me and told me that he’d be feeding me the appetizer.

Even though, i was blindfolded, I still closed my eyes and let go. The first things he fed me were fruit, nothing fancy, just assorted grapes, pineapples, watermelon, and strawberries. The sensation in my mouth from the different tastes and textures was so erotic. It was more than a simple fruit assortment. All of my senses were on fire because I didn’t know what to expect next.

He planted a few soft kisses on my lips, cheek, and neck. He’d started to move towards my ear and I thought I would go into sensory overload. I was so aroused and all he’d done was feed me some fruit and kiss me a few times. It was more than that this time. It was the care he’d taken in feeding me slowly and his sweet whispers in my ears that had me ready to rip off the blindfold and ravage him right there. But, I resisted, I was patient.


He removed the blindfold so we could eat his gourmet meal consisting of food with names I couldn’t pronounce. We ate and talked and flirted. The suspense and foreplay had us both ready to explode.

He brought out strawberries and chocolate for dessert. I know it sounds cliché, but I thought it was very romantic. He dipped the berry in white chocolate and fed it to me slowly. I savored each bite. We took turns feeding each other. I dipped my finger into the chocolate and fed it to him. He took care in removing all the chocolate from my fingertip. His licks sent jolts of electricity down to my center.

I told him if he made me wait any longer, I’d take it from him. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. He moved from my lips to my neck, down to my protruding nipples. He stimulated one while paying close attention to the other. Next thing I knew he had both in his mouth. I nudged his head a bit, hoping he’d get the idea. I needed to feel his lips. I needed him to taste me. He took the hint and moved lower. He flicked his tongue rapidly in and out of my belly button. He moved towards my inner thighs. He was so close to my hot center, yet I knew he’d make me suffer a bit longer. He moved from my inner thighs down to my knees and calves. Next he feasted on my toes one by one. I watched as he savored each pedicured toe. I was dripping wet. It was as if my center was on fire. And then…

He tasted me. He started off with slow licks on my pearl. He alternated slow licks with rapid tongue strokes across my swollen bud. I was moaning in delight from the sweet torture. I felt an eruption building and I wanted to release my first orgasm. He dipped his tongue in and out of me as I feverishly met his strokes with my pelvis. His thumb stroked my clit in circles. I couldn’t take much more. He replaced his thumb with his warm mouth and inserted two fingers into my honey pot. He curled his fingers toward my g-spot. I was so aroused, dripping wet, and ready to climax. I tightened my muscles on him, so he quickened the pace. He could sense I was close. He alternated fast and slow strokes with both his fingers and mouth until I exploded in orgasmic bliss. I quivered from the aftershocks from my powerful orgasm.

Once I recovered, I took my time trailing kisses down his athletic body. I kissed his taught chest and rolled his nipples between my fingers. I got lost in his “wings”, those muscles just above the pelvis. My tongue ran through the crevice and teased his sides. His body was built like a Greek god.  I slowly made my way to his throbbing penis.  I started by teasing the tip. I then took all of him into my hot mouth. I saw him throw his head back in delight. His eyes were closed and I could see from his facial expression, I had him right where I wanted him. I adjusted to a steady rhythm as I bobbed my head up and down in his lap. Adjusting my suction and swallowing him whole.

As if he could read my mind, he flipped me on my back and entered me in one swift motion. I was dripping wet. We met with each stroke as he explored my walls slowly and deliberately like he’d lost something. I could feel my second eruption coming. It felt so good. He started to pull back slowly and then thrust deeply into my center. Over and over he repeated strokes as I scratched at his back. I kissed his salty skin and moaned uncontrollably as my body began to shake, signally my next full-body explosion. I bucked against us pelvis and came hard.


I got on top and rolled my hips on his lap while he fed on my breasts. He held down my hips and pumped wildly upwards. I bounced up and down to match his ferocious rhythm. While meeting his upward strokes, I tightened my muscles onto him. He screamed out my name. We continued our violent pace until I could see he was close to his climax. A few more strokes and we came together.

He needs to cook more often…

by Cinnamon

Position Tuesdays- The Linguini

Erotic Instructions:

Lie on your side, putting a pillow under your head for extra support. Your man kneels directly behind your butt, leaning ever-so-slightly over your body. He should push one of his knees between your legs, positioning his body so he can penetrate you. He places one hand on your back to help support himself as he goes for the plunge. The key to your pleasure is keeping your limbs as limp as a noodle.


Why You’ll Love It:

This side-by-side canoodle creates incredible friction for him because your thighs are so close together. Plus, having your thigh curved at that angle gives him deeper access. The combo of these two will make even the tiniest guy feel like a god! And while he teases your G-spot, he can nuzzle your breasts or reach around and play with your clitoris — covering all the pleasure bases.

courtesy of cosmopolitan.com