Position Tuesdays- V for Vixen

Sit on a counter and have your man stand facing you. His legs should be slightly  bent, spaced 3 feet apart. With your arms on his shoulders and his arms around  your lower back, slowly pull your right leg up and prop your right foot on his  left shoulder. Then pull your left leg up and prop your left foot on his right  shoulder.

Most men are so inflexible, they think a knee bend is an Olympic feat, so he’ll  worship you as a sex goddess.
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Position Tuesdays- The Hot Rod

Place an antislip bath mat in a tub with a showerhead. Then stand facing the curtain with the liner outside the tub. Rest one foot on the edge of the tub as you reach up and check that the rod is securely fastened to the wall. If so, grip the rod with both hands to steady yourself (not to hang on). Your man holds your waist as he enters you from behind.
This hands-on-the-rod pose gives your guy free rein to explore every inch of your body as the water cascades over both of you. And since you can’t anticipate his next move, every caress will be a sultry surprise.

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Poetry Mondays- Bottle it Up

Bottle it up

Five years is a while
to stay just friends.
But I’m afraid to speak up.
The thought trembles my hands,
of what you will say. What will you think?
My heart isn’t as resilient, it’s weak.
So I can’t take the rejection,
or the loss of your affection.
Because I have an addiction,
for your attention.
These feelings hurt a whole damn lot.
But it’s only stew in a boiling pot.
I will start to shake; I’ll get too hot,
and spill the beans, like as not,
of how I feel about you and me.
And if it’s just lust, then let it be,
I can’t control my hormones you see.
But if it’s love, and I pray it’s not
then for your sake- no, ours-
I’ll keep it bottled up to rot.


Courtesy of http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poems/45302-bottle-it-up/

by, Deonte Jordan

Ask the Sexpert

Q.  I have heard that anal sex can be good, but I am scared to try.

A.  The good part about the anus is that there are millions of pleasure-providing nerve endings, but the bad part is there is no natural lubrication.  Anal sex can also be painful upon entry.  My two best pieces of advice are to use a ton of lube and try a good anal desensitizer.  Moist Anal Lube and Anal Ease

When you try anal for the first time, make sure to relax, lube up, and pick a position that will offer shallow penetration.  When stimulated properly, your lover can hit your g-spot during anal.  You will find this orgasm to be extremely powerful.  Refer to Tickle My Tush for tips and pointers!

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Position Tuesdays- Bucking Bronco

He lies flat on his back with his knees bent and legs spread apart. Facing him, get on top and slowly lower yourself onto his shaft, keeping your knees bent and your legs outside his arms. Then lean back and support yourself on your palms as he thrusts his hips up and down.
The angle you create by leaning back is great for G-spot stimulation. Plus, his hands are free to make the rest of your body moan

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Poetry Mondays- The Taste of Us

The Taste of Us

Warm breath grazing
Swollen pink lips
Opened flower petals
Dripping luscious nectar
Tongue tip exploring
Stirring inner fires
Body trembling wildly
Sweet juices flowing
Thirst drinking deeply
The taste of you

Softly teeth brushing
Twitching crimson shaft
Rock hard sculpture
Chiseled from desire
Silken lips accepting
Coaxing forth eruption
Hips thrusting quickly
Thick essence exploding
Throat swallowing greedily
The taste of me

Bodies together facing
Senses open expanding
Nerves alive burning
Feather touches tingling
Mouths meeting crushing
Tongues twisting mingling
Salty sweet sharing
The taste of you
The taste of me
The taste of us

Courtesy of literotica.com

by, Havocman

Things You Shouldn’t Say in the Bedroom- Part Two

Things You Shouldn’t Say in the Bedroom- Part Two


Do you smell something burning?

I knew you’d be good.  I’ve been watching you in action from outside your window for months.

I should’ve had a V8.

Can you pay me first?

I am getting “it” cut off as soon as my benefits kick it.  Just move it out the way.

Your sister was better.

Does your son have to be in the room with us?

I think I just heard my Mom.

You look like my Dad.

Wrong hole.

Are you sleeping?

Ask the Sexpert

Q.  I have a horrible gag reflex.  Do you have any techniques or products you can suggest?

A.  One way to naturally suppress the gag reflex is to relax your throat muscles and breathe through your nose.  We sell good head, which is a gel that relaxes the gag reflex when swallowed approximately five minutes prior to fellatio.  Simply swallow the flavored gel and watch your gag reflex disappear.  You can also use your hands to stimulate the base while working the manageable portion of the penis length and girth.  A good flavored lubricant can also add the spice you need.

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Position Tuesdays- The G-Force

Lie down on your back and pull your knees close to your chest. Ask your guy to kneel in front of you, grabbing hold of your feet with his hands. Have him penetrate you, thrusting forward from his hips. Looking to add even more God-that’s-good action? Put your feet on his chest and have him hold on to your hips — it’ll give him extra control and let him plunge even farther.
You have to hand over the reins to him, but it’s worth it. For those who know the power of the G-spot, the deep, intense penetration will send you spinning. And there’s no reason he can’t be doing double duty. The G-Force is the perfect position for him to be inside you while using his hand to stimulate your clitoris. If you can surrender your on-top status, this is one position where the Force will be with you.

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