Anticipation is expectation or hope of something pleasurable.

I had reconnected with a guy from the past. We’d dated before, but nothing serious. All I’ve been doing is anticipating his next move. The next time he’d call, next time we’d go on a date, the first time we have sex. He’s not my “usual” type. He’s really aggressive and a little rough, but it turns me on. So, he asked me out on a date. He said we would enjoy a quiet dinner and then go to a club. I spent all day primping. I wanted to look good for him. I even put on something short and tight. I figured I might as well live the fantasy; after all I’m very demure. I don’t wear makeup or even heels, and I definitely don’t date bad boys. I figure there is a first time for everything. He came to my house looking good enough to eat. I could’ve bypassed the whole dimmer and dancing altogether. I needed some attention. It had been too long. We went to a really romantic dinner. Candlelight and wine, dinner was great. I told him I wanted to go home. I sure hope he got the hint. Just as I was trying to devise a plan to get him in my house, he started rubbing my thigh. Just my thigh, but his touch was electrifying. I felt my pussy get wet and I was so ready for him to remind me what I had been missing. He moved higher up my leg, until he reached my Kitty. He began to stroke me with his middle finger as he rubbed my clit with his other finger. Just as I was close, he smirked and took his finger out. I couldn’t wait to get him home. We pulled up to my driveway and I was praying that he planned to come inside and finish what he started. I reached for my door as he went to get out of his. The walk to my house took eternity. As soon as I put my key in the door, he was all over me from behind. He kissed all along my neck and my ears as he whispered all the things he wanted to do to me. He slammed me down onto the couch and began to take my clothes off. He was so rough and forceful and it was turning me on. My pussy was dripping and he knew it. He kissed, licked, and sucked his way up and down my body. He made sure to never touch my pussy, which was driving me crazy. I begged him to taste me as I pushed his head down. Finally! His lips touched my lips. He licked, probed, and sucked my lips and clit. He ate me like a starved man on his first meal. I was about to explode as he inserted a finger into my butt. I am freaky as hell, but he was definitely turning me out. He licked and pumped with his finger in unison until I erupted on his face. Satisfied. I had to taste his dick in my mouth. I undressed him and began to tease the tip and taste the precum as it oozed from his head. I then began to adjust my rhythm so I could take as much of his oversized member as possible. I bobbed my head up and down in his lap. I could tell he was enjoying himself because he grabbed a fist full of my hair and began to force my head lower and faster. I loved that shit. I got up and climbed on his lap so I could ride him like a stallion. I bounced my small frame up and down on his lap. I was losing control as I felt my second climax nearing. He must have sensed it too as he held me down and he began to furiously pump upward from underneath me.  I collapsed on top of him, completely satisfied, but I knew he wasn’t finished. He turned me over and started punishing me from behind. I could feel his balls slapping my ass as I pushed back to meet his rhythm. He was hitting all my spots. This sex was amazing. I could feel him stiffen as he erupted all over my ass and back. We collapsed on the floor, both immensely satisfied. We’ve been dating for six months mow and things couldn’t be better. He fulfilled all my expectations and definitely met my anticipation.



With an egg pressed against your chin or cheeks, your whole face and tongue become an instant vibrator. Got any ideas what you might do now??  Use this tecnique while performing oral sex on him and be sure to rock his world!


Bootyfull View

Have your man sit up on the bed so that his legs are extended horizontally toward the foot of the bed. Turn around and straddle him — with your back toward him — and then lower yourself onto his erect penis. Extend your legs back so they are almost behind him, relaxing your torso onto the bed between his feet. Slide up and down and use his feet for leverage.  This position allows for great control over speed, depth, and intensity of stimulation. Since you’re facing away, you can feel totally uninhibited, and your partner can enjoy the thrill of the ride.

How To Choose Your Perfect Vibrator Discreetly

Consult this checklist to help you get the most pleasure from your new “friend”:

*Function. Start by asking yourself how you plan to use the toy: overall vulva, clitoris, G-spot. anally, or more?

*Use. Are you planning to enjoy it on your own, or with someone very special?

*Location. On your way to work,  on business trips, or simply after a long day, in your own tub or bed?

*Noise. Thin walls? Nosy neighbors? Curious roommates? Controlling parents? Go for quiet.

*Portability. Do you want a toy that slips discreetly into your purse or backpack, or a plug-in model that mostly stays home?

*Design. Do you like the look and texture of a real penis, or prefer a completely different appearance?

*Frequency. Do you like slow or fast, deep or shallow>? Get your hands on different units to see how they feel.

*Price. Aren’t you worth a few extra dollars for all the free orgasms you’re going to enjoy? Don’t skimp on pleasure-get what will satisfy you!

Thigh Master

If you’re bored with the standard woman-on-top pose, this position is a fun, frisky way to mix things up. Your guy lies on his back, one leg outstretched and the other bent, knee pointing upward. You straddle his body sideways with your back turned slightly to his face, hold on to his knee, and lower yourself onto his penis. In this pose, your stomach is almost touching his bent knee; use it for support and leverage as you rock back and forth, and up and down.  This torrid two-in-one move is all about your ecstasy. The steady rocking motion and thrusting create a pleasure buildup that primes you for the Big O. And you can thrill him by wrapping your hands around his legs and treat him to a titillating thigh massage. Gently knead those over-worked muscles then stroke his skin from knee to groin using firm feel-good pressure.

Backup Boogie

Your partner lies on his back, his legs straight out in front of him, a pillow under his head so he can watch the action. You straddle him with your head facing his feet. With your hands on the floor for support, you back up onto his penis. He holds your upper thighs or butt tightly while you thrust.  You pick the angle and speed of the thrusting, so there’s plenty of opportunity to experiment and find your inside hot spot. Get a rhythm down — circle for a few times before you take an unexpected plunge. It gives you maximum control for an intense orgasm, but your guy gets to savor every sensation without working up much of a sweat. And he’ll love the total visual and tactile access to your backside.

To Have Multiple Orgasms

To have multiple orgasms, keep breathing as you feel yourself reaching your peak. Do you tend to hold your breath? Most of us do. To have a second orgasm, breathe through the first; your body can stay aroused, keeping blood in the genitals rather than rushing it up to your oxygen-deprived brain.
—The Best You’ll Ever Have: What Every Woman Should Know About Getting and Giving Knock-Your-Socks-Off Sex by Shannon Mullen and Valerie Frankel

The reason strippers are comfortable with their bodies

The reason strippers are comfortable with their bodies is that they spend 40 hours a week naked. The more time you can spend naked, then, the more comfortable you will feel with your body. Pick a chore you do around the house — washing the breakfast dishes after you pack the kids off to school, putting in a load of laundry or filing old bills — then do it naked. It may seem ridiculous, but it will increase your comfort level with your own body in a way that agonizing and analyzing never will.

—Dance Naked: A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Hottie by Jessica “Kayla” Conrad

Breakfast in Bed

Work. Work. Work.

All Kevin and I did was work. No time for intimacy, no time for any of the things we used to share before Kevin launched his business. No more lying in the bed for hours. No more talks long into the night. We were still very much in love, just not much time for anything other than, work. work. work.

This morning was different. No calls from his office. No need to rush into work. So at 5:00 am, the world stopped for us. For a short time, we were the only ones on each other’s mind. We shared a gaze. The gaze quickly turned into lust. I needed to feel my husband. He trailed kisses down my body. I stroked his morning wood. He looked at me as if I was all he needed.   All he wanted. He stopped at my kitty. He kissed, licked, lapped all around my kitty. I was so turned on, yet so intent on simply enjoying the pleasure he was giving me.  I relaxed. Fantasized. I let myself drift off into the pleasure. I was getting close, so he inserted a finger. He began to stroke my spot. He inserted a second finger into my ass. At this point, I couldn’t take it anymore. I squirted all over his face and hands. That was the best orgasm I’d had in weeks.

I was dripping wet, I had to feel him deep inside of me. He pinned my legs on his neck as he began to pump me slow and steady. I matched his thrusts with a passion so strong. He knew just how to make me cum and I was so close. Suddenly he flipped me over, as he got on the bottom so I could ride him. I began to ride him fast and hard as he played with my pussy. I felt my eruption as he held my hips down on his dick. A few more thrusts and we can together. I collapsed on him. Spent and satisfied. Just like clockwork. Our phones began to go off. We checked the time and it was time for us to get ready for work.  I definitely went to work with a special glow that day.  Back to work. work. work.


Magic City Monday

It was a Monday and my man and I had a date. We were trying the strip club for the first time. It would be a stretch to curb my jealousy, but I was up for anything. Well, most things 😉 I was dressed to the nines. Hair, check. Nails, check. Fuck me pumps, check. I even put on a sexy bustier to remind my man what he was going home to. I’ll admit, I was curious. Curious to see what all the hype was about. Curious to see why Larry went to the club so often. But, my curiosity had me prepared to do whatever it took to keep him coming home at night. I watched the women grind and move on the stage. I watched Larry’s eyes as they lit up. Then I watched his crotch. I could see him getting excited. I could see the desire in his eyes. Then I focused on him, my man, my love. I noticed that he was into me. Yearning for me, aching to feel all of me all over him all night long. We left the club arm in arm. As we got in the car, I felt his hand push my head into his lap. That’s just it, I didn’t mind, actually, I loved giving him head. I bobbed and sucked and licked as he navigated through the streets to my apartment. I was so turned on, so wet, so ready for him to fuck me hard. We got to my house and he pinned me against the door, planting passionate kisses all around my face and neck. I was so wet. I couldn’t wait for him to taste me. As his kisses trailed down my body, I laid down on the carpet. He kept the pace, kissing, sucking, teasing. I just needed and wanted to feel his lips all over my clit. I began to fantasize as he started to eat my pussy. He licked, I got excited. He licked faster and teased and played with my clit. All I needed was to get fucked the right way. He flipped me over and began to hit it from the back. Harder and faster. It was like he was trying to punish me. He knew just how to tilt his penis to stroke my g-spot from behind. I came as his strokes slowed. I lay in his arms completely satisfied. We have to go to the strip club more often.